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Season 3

High Chaparral Season 3 on DVD


Season 4

High Chaparral Season 4 on DVD

Season 4

Don Collier
One Man Show

Don Collier Confessions of an Acting Cowboy DVD

High Chaparral Party in a Box

High Chaparral party

WHAT A BARGAN! This big HC-Pak has Reunion note cards, a surprise pack of cast photos, Geronimo mugs, a DVD of Don Collier's 'Confessions of an Acting Cowboy' and the premier of Rudy Ramos in 'Gernomio, Life on the Reservation'. Keep all the fun for yourself or have a special High Chaparral party with friends.

HC Party box



The High Chaparral on DVD!

As of today there is no authorized release of The High Chaparral in the U.S.
ART-S in the Netherlands offers this authorized, digitally remastered, uncut, dolby digital sound, fully restored set. This version:

  • Contains all originally broadcast episodes, uncut, no commercials
  • Is digitally remastered with dolby sound
  • Season 4 contains a 'director's cut' of the pilot episode from the estate of Bill Claxton, recovered from 16mm tape. Faded and worn, it is a collector's dream with scenes that were never broadcast!
  • ALL-REGION, PAL FORMAT, these DVDs play in most (97%) of U.S. DVD players. Should you have a problem playing contact us for a REFUND or you can purchase a DVD player for around $50 that will pay both PAL and NTSC format - contact us for assistance.

Season 1

High Chaparral Season 1 on DVD

Season 1 DVD

Season 2

High Chaparral Season 2 on DVD

Season 2