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Gathering at the Lodge
Fans waiting for announcements
Kent McCray addressing the fans
Rudy, Kent, Henry, Don, and Susan
Rudy, kent, Henry, Don and Susan
Fans line up for Henry's photos

Fans line up for Henry's autograph
Anthony & Ronnie Rubino watch shoot out
Old Tucson shoot out
Hotel haggler at Tucson shoot out
Quick and the Dead at Old Tucson
Ronnie & Anthony check the new installations

Rusty at Old Tucson Stage
Anthony in Tucson Jail
Anthony & Ronnie head for the stables
Rusty at top of Sabino Canyon
Rusty at shuttle stop in Sabino Canyon
Saguaro  sentinal at Sabino Canyon

Pond at Sabino Canyon
Ft. Lowell Historic site, Tucson
Brent Martin, Guide
Lions gate at Rancho Montoya, Mission
Emmy, Slim and Tom
Emmy, Slim and Tom, at Lodge, Tucson

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