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Way Out West at Lodge, Tucson
Penny McQueen sings She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
Penny sings with Tom
Penny sings with Tom2
Picacho Peak 1
Picacho Peak Valley

Picacho Peak 2
Henry Darrow
Rusty at Old Tucson Stage 2
Vinette wood and shadow
Vinette Wishing well at Old Tucson
Rusty at Sabino Canyon 2

Rugged Canyon --Sabino Canyon
Sabino Canyon Ridge
Outcrop at Sabino Canyon
Knob at Sabino Canyon
Knob 2 at Sabino Canyon
vinette Ocotillo across canyonlands

Vinette Oak in Sabino Canyon
Ft. Lowell protected from elements, Tucson
Structure over Ft. Lowell, Tucson
Melting adobe walls, Ft. Lowell
Protection for Ft. Lowell, Tucson
Emmy and Tom on banjo

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