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Bring The High Chaparral Home
To Tucson!

Every year loyal fans join with us to make sure The High Chaparral Reunion continues. These dedicated, special family members contribute generously so that all can enjoy our event. To you we say THANK YOU!

Join hands with all those near and far who know that without our Sponsors The High Chaparral Reunion can't exist.

As a SPONSOR you contribute $125 to the Reunion and are a major part of bringing The High Chaparral home to Tucson. You will receive a special Sponsor gift and ONLY SPONSORS have the opportunity to ORDER the Reunion T-shirt. T-shirts will only be available for purchase to fans who attend or sponsor.

High Chaparral  Bunkhouse

As a BUNKHOUSE SPONSOR you make a memorial gift of $35 in honor of someone - a loved one, cast member or character - and know you and your named honoree are listed at The High Chaparral Reunion.

High Chaparral Bunkhouse


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